About Us

P.W. Gillibrand Cattle Company is committed to producing high quality Horned and Polled Hereford genetics suitable for both the commercial cattleman and purebred breeder. Located in the grass covered hills of Simi Valley California our operation consists of just over 1,000 acres. Our cattle earn a living traveling up and down the terrain among the Oak Trees. Our cattle are developed in a climate that goes from freezing temperatures in the fall and winter to over 100 degrees in the summer months.

We understand the needs of each cattleman vary. Our goal is to build quality genetics that any producer can select from to accommodate any individual operation. Our program is based on performance with a special emphasis on growth and carcass merit. Through the extensive use of Artificial Insemination we have infused some of the top Hereford bulls in country into our herd. One of our main priorities is to raise quality Hereford cattle that will perform at the top from conception to the cooler. This fall we will begin harvesting our first set of beef cattle. We are looking forward to providing customers with a quality product based on the genetics we have developed.

Our family has run a small scale cow/calf operation for many years here in Simi Valley California. We are currently located today in the same area where the family settled in 1889. It is our intention to leave our legacy here in the Simi Valley with the Hereford Breed just as our Grandparents left the opportunity for us. Our belief is to continue the hard work and invaluable customer service that has been ingrained within us to provide an amazing product.

If you have any questions about our program or livestock for sale please don’t hesitate to call or schedule a visit.